Support gathers for Save the Shire

Since Middle-earth Network launched its efforts to “Save the Shire” its been inspiring to see the support the ideal has had from all over the Internet. Fans around the globe have been adding their voices to say “enough!” to Saul Zaentz Company, no more unfair trademark applications, no more bullying small businesses. There’s a long way to go yet, but its the support of all fans who want to Save the Shire which will help to make it happen!

Both the Solihull Observer and Solihull News newspapers, both local to the Hungry Hobbit (one of the businesses that Save the Shire is aiming to help) have commented on the actions that are being taken to support the Hungry Hobbit. Its great to be getting media coverage so early in the day and we know that some big media outlets have got their eyes on Save the Shire – so watch this space.

Save the Shire has also gained some high level celebrity support, about as high a celebrity as possible in fact, as the 7 foot tall legend that is Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew tweeted in support!












Thank you Peter for offering your support to Save the Shire and your own unique reasons for doing so!

We have to say a big thank you also to Save the Shire supporter Jondalynn Hays whose tweet to Peter Mayhew elicited his supportive tweet in response. Way to go Jondalynn, its a great inspiration to all of the fantastic tweeters who have kept the #savetheshire hashtag rolling along. Keep tweeting those celebs everyone, yours might be the tweet that gets a response and helps give a huge boost of awareness to Save the Shire!

We’re hoping to have new information on the latest Save the Shire developments for you tomorrow. Keep visiting Middle-earth Network news, or @middleearthnews for all the latest Save the Shire news.

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  1. Holly Rust says:

    How are the T-shirts coming along? I really want one!

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